Friday, November 14, 2008

Boon Potty Bench

I assure you I don't have shares or work for Boon, I just love their products and here is yet another.

My youngest son is just venturing into the world of potty training and he was very excited when I brought home the Boon Potty Bench. It is easy for him to sit on, he loves opening and closing the lid and the storage compartments on the side. We have even managed a couple successful uses which brings me to my next bit of praise - it is quick and easy to clean! Other reasons I love the Boon Potty Bench; storage for a book to read while on the potty, a place for toilet paper, a rubber shield to prevent little boys from peeing all over the floor and it is strong enough to double as a seat which I use when bathing my son!

For more information visit the creators of the Boon Potty Bench
This product is available at Jamtots

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