Friday, November 28, 2008

Britax Marathon

I don't think I can say enough about this car seat. First up, it is the safest convertible car seat in the Canadian Market. It has a built in bicycle helmet (Modified EPS), Side impact protection, 5 point harness, HUGS system, LATCH/UAS System and with four different shoulder harness positions this car seat will accommodate to the largest height and weight requirements of any other seat of its kind (rear facing for children to 33 pounds and forward facing for children up to 65 pounds. The child's height should be between 18 and 47 inches.)

It is also one of the easiest car seats to use and install (Rear Facing or Forward Facing). My favorite of the improved installation features are the push button LATCH system, the belt holders (velcro patches on the side of the seat that hold the 5-point harness straps out of the way while putting your child in the seat) and the easy to use harness adjustment button!

The safety systems that are built in to this car seat is the reason I purchased it for my child but it is also nice that it comes in a variety of fun materials, is super soft and cozy feeling and resistant to stains.

For more information visit Britax
This car seat is available at Jamtots

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Play Food and Kitchen Accessories

As a follow up to my review on the much loved Melissa & Doug Kitchen Playcentre I recommend you stock it with some of the wonderful options Melissa & Doug has available!

There are numerous play food and kitchen accessories to choose from and all at very reasonable prices ($8 - $22 in most cases) but my favorite, and the ones the children tend to reach for first, have to be the following:

Cook something yummy with this 8-piece wooden cook's set includes a frying pan, stockpot and saucepan with lids, spoon, slotted spatula and an oven mitt. A standard set that every good kitchen should have!

This set sits at the top of my favorite list! I love the bright colours and the introduction of something new to the standard play kitchen foods! This elegant 24-piece wooden sushi set is packed in a beautiful storage box and includes sliceable sushi rolls, shrimp, tuna, easy-use chopsticks, a cleaver and more! Sushi rolls make fun chopping sounds when sliced!

This wooden fruit set comes with a wooden knife and seven pieces of sliceable fruit! The fruit can be cut into a total of seventeen pieces and makes a fun "CRUNCH" sound when sliced. Also check out the Cutting Food Box with eight peices of wooden food, a cutting board and a wooden knife that cuts into 31 pieces! With all these pieces, it's a great way to introduce the concepts of part, whole and fractions.

What child doesn't enjoy a good pizza party! Of course part of the fun is creating your own "personal pizza". This wooden set comes with six sliceable pieces served in a brightly colored tray, complete with a pizza cutter, spatula, and over 50 toppings that store neatly in a wooden box. Pizza makes slicing sounds when cut!

This Thirty-four piece wooden set includes six ready-to-cut slices of cake, removable candles and toppings, sturdy serving tray and a spatula that store neatly in a wooden box. Makes a great birthday gift!!
Visit the creators for more information - Melissa & Doug
Available at Jamtots!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Kitchen Play Center

It is toys like this that make me wish I had a dedicated play room for my boys. If I had the room for it, it would be in my house!

Jamtots has this kitchen in the play area of their store and my son loves to play with it!! He, as well as any other child that knows it is there, be-lines for this kitchen and settles in for as much fun as their parents shopping trip will allow. The younger children love to open and close the doors, putting the pots, pans and food in and out of all the places they can find, while the older children enjoy make believe cooking, baking and washing the dishes.

This kitchen play centre is also designed in a more gender neutral way (IE not pink!) which is so great! Little boys enjoy make believe cooking and cleaning just as much as little girls and this kitchen is certainly the one to do it in.

This sturdy, durable wooden kitchen includes a stove, refrigerator/freezer, oven, microwave with turntable, and sink. It retails for approximately $200.

Dimensions: 42" x 17.5" x 43" Assembled Recommended Ages: 3+ years

For more information visit the creators - Melissa & Doug

This item is available at Jamtots

Saturday, November 22, 2008

MediBuddy First Aid Kits

In an effort to expand my reviews to include products for older children, I bring you the Medibuddy First Aid Kit. I recently purchased this product for my 9 year old son who as anyone that has ever had a 9 year old boy can tell you, bandages should always be close by!! I love this kit because it contains a little of everything in a nice carry anywhere case and my son thought it was very cool to have his very own first aid kit. I threw the Medibuddy in his school bag and now where ever he goes he is prepared for his next adventure.

The Medibuddy First Aid Kit contains 40 quality kid friendly first aid items for kids:

(15) 3/4 “ X 3” Red, Blue & Yellow Crayon Bandages
(1) 3” Knee & Elbow Bandage (1) Sting Relief Pad
(4) 2” X 2” Gauze Pads (2 Two Packs)
(3) 5” X 8” Antiseptic Wipes (sting free)
(1) Burn Relief Cream (2) Antibiotic Ointments
(12) Kid Friendly Fun Stickers (1) Carry Anywhere Case

To read more or see other products visit the creators - Me4Kidz
Medibuddy products are available at Jamtots

Friday, November 14, 2008

Boon Potty Bench

I assure you I don't have shares or work for Boon, I just love their products and here is yet another.

My youngest son is just venturing into the world of potty training and he was very excited when I brought home the Boon Potty Bench. It is easy for him to sit on, he loves opening and closing the lid and the storage compartments on the side. We have even managed a couple successful uses which brings me to my next bit of praise - it is quick and easy to clean! Other reasons I love the Boon Potty Bench; storage for a book to read while on the potty, a place for toilet paper, a rubber shield to prevent little boys from peeing all over the floor and it is strong enough to double as a seat which I use when bathing my son!

For more information visit the creators of the Boon Potty Bench
This product is available at Jamtots

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

TykeLight Buddy by Mobi

It has been a while since I have posted, but I am bringing you something great! This little guy is the latest addition to my house. The TykeLight buddy is a portable and safe to sleep with night light, it has an option to glow in several different colours or will cycle through them all. Plus it comes with a charging base which I love!!

My oldest son is now 9 and having never had a night light I would have thought we would have skipped the whole I need a light on stage. However I don't seem to have been so lucky and he insists on having the hallway light on!! Not only is having this light on distruptive to my sleep, it is a waste of energy; however I can't convince him to do without. The big problem seems to be that he wants it on for when he ventures to the bathroom in the middle of the night. So I purchased the TykeLight Buddy and turned off the hallway light!

The Tykelight is available at Jamtots

Friday, October 24, 2008

Flo By Boon

Remember how I said that I have water babies? Remember that I said I love anything by Boon? Well it was all true and here I am with another fab product loved by everyone in my household. The Boon Flo is a modern protective faucet cover and the reason I initially bought this product was for simply that reason - to protect my youngest son from bashing his head! So I take it home, I slip in on the tap (really easily I might add) and then I realize that it has a holding reseviour for bubble bath!! You pour the bubble bath into the opening at the top and the next time your child climbs in the tub simply push the green button on the bottom and the bubble bath flows directly into the water stream. Now I am totally in love, could it get any better? Yes! It can!! (I bet you saw that coming) My oldest son has a completley different reason to love the Flo - it directs the water out of the tap at a higher angle making it easier for him to wash his hair! Now if there is still anyone out there that doesn't think Boon rocks! I would love to know why.

See the makers of the Flo for more information and other great products!

This and other Boon products are available at Jamtots

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sweet Pea Glass Baby Bottles

Yet another wonderful glass BPA free baby bottle! This bottle brought to you by Sweet Pea also allows for worry free use with a protective sleeve called a pea pod! The pea pod is made of Neoprene, comes in several wonderful colours and has a zipper so you can take it off easily to wash this bottle in the dishwasher. BONUS - Covers and Bottles are sold separately so you can save money by using one cover on multiple glass bottles.

Visit the makers of the Sweet Pea Baby Bottle for more information

This item is also available at Jamtots

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wee-Go Glass Baby Bottles

In response to the "official" announcement that BPA is in fact bad for you, I would like to share some great products with that don't include that are BPA free!

Since the BPA scare many people are throwing out the plastic and reaching for glass containers to store and heat there foods, however, when it comes to glass baby bottles Mothers are worried about there babies throwing or dropping them resulting in a mess and possible injuries. This is were the Wee-Go Glass baby bottle and protective sleeve comes to the rescue!

The Wee-Go Glass Baby bottle by Babylife is a 100% non-toxic glass bottle covered with a sleeve that is free of plastic. The silicone nipple is latex-free. The plastic ring, plug and cap contain no polycarbonates and are food grade, FDA approved and recyclable. Not only is this item very safe, the bottle and sleeve are dishwasher friendly and the colourful sleeve provides a fun textured good gripping surface for feeding your growing baby.

Visit the maker of the Wee-Go Baby Bottle for more information
This item is also available at Jamtots

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Official - BPA is bad for you!

See article on Canada banning the use of Bisphenol A

I will be back later with a list of wonderful BPA free baby bottles and soothers!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stonz Infant & Toddler Booties

I first discovered this wonderful Canadian (Vancouver, BC) made product at the 2007 Baby Fair in Victoria, BC. After visiting the Stonz website I discovering that this company was started by two mom's and they offered free shipping within Canada if you request no plastic gift packing!! Yet another way to do what you can for the environment.

Now the boots themselves are awesome!! My son was 7 months old when I first started using Stonz and I loved how the adjustable toogles at the calf and ankles allowed for them to quickly slip on, even over shoes! This custom fit also meant longer wearing time for growing feet and they didn't fall off! At this point he wasn't walking, so the Stonz benefit was warmth - they slipped on and tightened up quickly and allowed me to tuck his pants in to them avoiding the cold against his little legs. I loved this so much that I recently purchased a pair for the daughter of friends that live in a primarily cold climate.

As he got older and started walking these soft boots were perfectly for trucking around in the dirt! Not only did he find them easy to walk in but they came out of the washer looking like the day they arrived!

Visit the Creators of Stonz for more information

Stonz are also available at Jamtots

Carter gardening in his Stonz

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Online Parenting Communites

In today's internet driven world parents have access to an overwhelming amount of resources, support groups and of course blogs like mine that share an opinion on everything. It can be a lot for anyone, particularly a new parent, but it can also be a great help. Parents all over the world are joining online communities were they can talk to other parents, commiserate, ask for advice, shop and much more.

I first discovered online parenting communities when I was trying to conceive my second child. I struggled with fertility issues and in my quest for answers I stumbled across Canadian Parents and found myself with a lot of the answers I was looking for, more questions that I didn't even think to ask and the support of many women going through the same thing, some successfully, some not. This community got me through a lot, it wasn't just a place to find information it was a place to vent, to cry and to rejoice.

Canadian Parents is a great place to start on your journey into Online Communities. For residence of Victoria,BC I also recommend Kids In Victoria.

Quintessence Breastfeeding Challange October 11, 2008

What a wonderful turn out for the 2008 Breastfeeding Challange!! Victoria, BC had 239 babies participate this year.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pump Ease

The moment I saw this advertisement for "PumpEase - Hands free pumping supports" I loved it! This is another product that I wished I had known about when I was still a nursing mother! I did have the occasion that I needed to pump milk for my child, so I would pull out my electric pump and get to it. One thing that you learn fairly quickly is if you pump on both sides at once or pump on one side while your feeding your babe on the other you get better results. Pumping this way however can be a little tricky - with both hands in use pressing funnels to your breast or one funnel and a baby, you get uncomfortable and bored quickly. Well this design by husband/wife team Mike and Toni allows for hands free pumping. So not only can you easily pump on both sides while checking out my blog :-) you can also reap the benefits of pumping while nursing (quick and faster let down) and still have your full attention on your beautiful nursing child. As an added bonus they come in really great designs!

Check out the creator of PumpEase for more information
This product is available at Jamtots

If you have tried this product I would love to hear your review!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bravado Nursing Bra

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Despite having a breast reduction in 2000 I am fairly well endowed, add in lactation and I need a really strong bra! I have tried a lot and the only one that I found was able to handle the job, is Bravado. The Bravado nursing bra gives amazing support, is very comfortable, allows for quick access for nursing and comes in many stylish designs! Another thing that I love about the Bravado bra is the creators behind this great design are two moms that use real mothers in there photography, are a green company and make product donations in there community. Aside from a full line of wonderful nursing bras, Bravado also makes a nursing bra tank top which is the ultimate in comfort!

Visit the creator of the Bravado for more information.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Milkies - Milk Saver

Milkies Milk-Saver

This product is one that I have not tried, it was not something that was available when I was nursing but I sure wished it was! The owners of Jamtots found this product on a recent buying trip and just had to add it to there store. I, like most nursing mothers, would leak on my non-nursing side while feeding my baby. Occasionally I would even leak through my pad making a mess of my shirt. This very neat product is designed to slip into your bra on the non-nursing side and collect the breast milk that leaks when your milk lets down. This allows you to save the milk to use for your baby at another time or to donate to your local milk bank!! MilkSaver is a slim design that is easily concealed in your bra, it is quick and easy to wash and is Bisphenol A and Phthalate free.

The average mom will leak 1 to 4 ounces of milk each time she breastfeeds.

Visit the creators of MilkSaver for more information

Since this is a product I have not tried I would love to hear from anyone that has!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Carter breastfeeding at 2 months old

This weekend (Saturday October 11, 2008) is the Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge a world wide event that brings Mom's and Babies together to simultaneously nurse. This fun event is a challenge for which geographic area ( province, state or territory) has the most breastfeeding babies, as a percentage of the birthrate, “latched on.” at 11am local time. This event is to celebrate breastfeeding and demonstrate promotion, protection and support for breastfeeding women and their families. It’s a chance for education and peer support done in a fun social way.

Visit the Quintessence Foundation site to find your local challenge or to learn more about this wonderful event.

In honor of this event, my posts this week will be related to breastfeeding.

This is a topic that I am passionate about. When I think about my breastfeeding experience I am comforted by knowing that I did what is best for my child, I am proud at myself for pushing through the road blocks that I faced, I become nostalgic when I think of the peaceful, sweet moments I spent feeding my boys and I am sad that it is over. I always knew that I would be a mother, it was just something I always felt. I also never had any hesitation about how I would feed my children as infants - breastfeeding is the best. What I didn't know was that I would face many struggles along the way. In the end those struggles and continuing to breastfeed despite them, made my experience even richer.

In 2007 I attended the Victoria Baby Fair, at which a booth called Cafe Au Lait was set up encouraging mothers to share their unique breastfeeding experience with others. Here is my breastfeeding experience with my youngest child.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Frog Pod

My oldest son was and still sometimes is a water baby. My little one seems to be swimming in the same direction. Having said that I am sure it is easy to imagine that I spend a lot of time cleaning the toys out of the bottom of the tub. This is were this little tadpole or rather frog comes in handy. As a rule, I love Boon! My bathroom is home to currently three of their products and this love of Boon started with the Frog Pod. This wonderful item offers three mounting options (adhesive strips, suction cups, or screws) ,a drainable basket to scoop up and rinse toys and the wall-mounted base has space for storing bath products. Not only is this item cute, it allows for quick and easy clean up that doesn't leave your toys susceptible to the green goo you would find in most frog ponds.

Note: This item now comes in a Ladybug design! For more information visit the creator of the Frog Pod

Friday, October 3, 2008

Berry Plush

Carter (17 months) wearing a Berry Plush diaper embroidered with the world and inscription "Saving the World One Diaper at a time"
Photo by Amanda Gustafson of Inspired Images Photography

Anyone that knows me, even a little, knows that I am a cloth diapering momma and very passionate about it. As a consultant for my favourite children's store, Jamtots, I get the opportunity to test there fabulous line of diapers on my 19 month old son. This gives me the chance to make my design suggestions which of course results in a diaper that I love! Now Jamtots makes several wonderful diapers (which I will be sure to review in future posts) but to kick off into this pool I would like to introduce you to the Berry Plush!

The Berry Plush Diaper (as featured in the picture above) is an All in One diaper (AIO). The cover is made of a waterproof layer and a very soft fabric called Minkee. These diapers have a three layer insert made of hemp or bamboo and topped with Minkee. This insert snaps into the cover, which means that once soiled it can be replaced with a fresh insert allowing you to re-use the cover. This feature brings the price of this diapering system down by allowing you to purchase multiple lower priced inserts for each cover (I recommend three inserts per cover). The ability to snap in a new insert is also one of the reasons this is my favourite "on the go" diaper - taking extra inserts for the cover takes up less room in my diaper bag then other diapers and changes are quick!

This diaper is available in small, medium and large. It is important to know that the medium size is the stage your baby will be in the longest, so if you’re looking for an embroidered berry plush cover you will get your best value in the medium.

For more information on this diaper visit the creators of the Berry Plush