Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stonz Infant & Toddler Booties

I first discovered this wonderful Canadian (Vancouver, BC) made product at the 2007 Baby Fair in Victoria, BC. After visiting the Stonz website I discovering that this company was started by two mom's and they offered free shipping within Canada if you request no plastic gift packing!! Yet another way to do what you can for the environment.

Now the boots themselves are awesome!! My son was 7 months old when I first started using Stonz and I loved how the adjustable toogles at the calf and ankles allowed for them to quickly slip on, even over shoes! This custom fit also meant longer wearing time for growing feet and they didn't fall off! At this point he wasn't walking, so the Stonz benefit was warmth - they slipped on and tightened up quickly and allowed me to tuck his pants in to them avoiding the cold against his little legs. I loved this so much that I recently purchased a pair for the daughter of friends that live in a primarily cold climate.

As he got older and started walking these soft boots were perfectly for trucking around in the dirt! Not only did he find them easy to walk in but they came out of the washer looking like the day they arrived!

Visit the Creators of Stonz for more information

Stonz are also available at Jamtots

Carter gardening in his Stonz

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