Friday, October 24, 2008

Flo By Boon

Remember how I said that I have water babies? Remember that I said I love anything by Boon? Well it was all true and here I am with another fab product loved by everyone in my household. The Boon Flo is a modern protective faucet cover and the reason I initially bought this product was for simply that reason - to protect my youngest son from bashing his head! So I take it home, I slip in on the tap (really easily I might add) and then I realize that it has a holding reseviour for bubble bath!! You pour the bubble bath into the opening at the top and the next time your child climbs in the tub simply push the green button on the bottom and the bubble bath flows directly into the water stream. Now I am totally in love, could it get any better? Yes! It can!! (I bet you saw that coming) My oldest son has a completley different reason to love the Flo - it directs the water out of the tap at a higher angle making it easier for him to wash his hair! Now if there is still anyone out there that doesn't think Boon rocks! I would love to know why.

See the makers of the Flo for more information and other great products!

This and other Boon products are available at Jamtots

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