Friday, October 10, 2008

Pump Ease

The moment I saw this advertisement for "PumpEase - Hands free pumping supports" I loved it! This is another product that I wished I had known about when I was still a nursing mother! I did have the occasion that I needed to pump milk for my child, so I would pull out my electric pump and get to it. One thing that you learn fairly quickly is if you pump on both sides at once or pump on one side while your feeding your babe on the other you get better results. Pumping this way however can be a little tricky - with both hands in use pressing funnels to your breast or one funnel and a baby, you get uncomfortable and bored quickly. Well this design by husband/wife team Mike and Toni allows for hands free pumping. So not only can you easily pump on both sides while checking out my blog :-) you can also reap the benefits of pumping while nursing (quick and faster let down) and still have your full attention on your beautiful nursing child. As an added bonus they come in really great designs!

Check out the creator of PumpEase for more information
This product is available at Jamtots

If you have tried this product I would love to hear your review!

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