Monday, October 6, 2008

Frog Pod

My oldest son was and still sometimes is a water baby. My little one seems to be swimming in the same direction. Having said that I am sure it is easy to imagine that I spend a lot of time cleaning the toys out of the bottom of the tub. This is were this little tadpole or rather frog comes in handy. As a rule, I love Boon! My bathroom is home to currently three of their products and this love of Boon started with the Frog Pod. This wonderful item offers three mounting options (adhesive strips, suction cups, or screws) ,a drainable basket to scoop up and rinse toys and the wall-mounted base has space for storing bath products. Not only is this item cute, it allows for quick and easy clean up that doesn't leave your toys susceptible to the green goo you would find in most frog ponds.

Note: This item now comes in a Ladybug design! For more information visit the creator of the Frog Pod

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Amanda said...

I agree! Not only do I love it for easy bathtime clean up no toys sitting in yucky stale bathtub water in some old kids love it! they can scoop up the toys easily and lets face looks pretty cool too.