Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Online Parenting Communites

In today's internet driven world parents have access to an overwhelming amount of resources, support groups and of course blogs like mine that share an opinion on everything. It can be a lot for anyone, particularly a new parent, but it can also be a great help. Parents all over the world are joining online communities were they can talk to other parents, commiserate, ask for advice, shop and much more.

I first discovered online parenting communities when I was trying to conceive my second child. I struggled with fertility issues and in my quest for answers I stumbled across Canadian Parents and found myself with a lot of the answers I was looking for, more questions that I didn't even think to ask and the support of many women going through the same thing, some successfully, some not. This community got me through a lot, it wasn't just a place to find information it was a place to vent, to cry and to rejoice.

Canadian Parents is a great place to start on your journey into Online Communities. For residence of Victoria,BC I also recommend Kids In Victoria.

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